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Secondly, we have the wildlife conservation laws in India, but these wildlife conservation laws need to be forced strictly to safeguard the wildlife. Thirdly, superstition in our society is another cause of wildlife destruction. Removal of superstition from the society is required for the conservation of wildlife. Again national parks, reserve forests, wildlife sanctuary can be set up to protect wildlife. Besides the govt. Along with the govt. People need to know the importance of these valuable natural resources. Wildlife is an integral part of our national heritage.

Thus we should protect wildlife for our future generation. Introduction to wildlife conservation Essay: — Wildlife is a wonderful creation of God. God has not created the universe only for the human being. On this earth we find from the huge whale to the smallest fries, in the forest, we can find the majestic oak to the tiniest grass.

All are created in a very balanced way by God. Thus conservation of wildlife is necessary to maintain the balance of mother earth. Collectively the wild animals, the native fauna and flora of a reason can be called wildlife. Wildlife is found in all ecosystem. In other words, we can also say that the animals and plants that grow in a natural condition are called wildlife.

What is wildlife conservation: — Wildlife conservation refers to the act of protecting wildlife from being destroyed. The condition of wildlife on this earth is deteriorating on daily basis. Time has arrived to conserve the wildlife from the cruel clutch of man. The human being is the main destroyer of the wildlife. For example, the one-horned rhinos of Assam are on the verge of extinction as poachers are killing it daily for their own benefit. Importance of wildlife conservation: — It is not necessary to describe a lot about the importance of wildlife conservation.

We should not allow the wildlife or a part of wildlife to vanish from this earth. We all know that nature maintains a balance of its own and every creature on this earth perform their duty to assist nature to maintain the natural balance. For example, trees not only provide oxygen to us but also maintain the climatic condition of a region.

It also performs their duty in reducing global warming on this earth. Again the birds control the population of insects in the ecosystem.

An Overview On Conservation of Forest and Wildlife

That is why the conservation of wildlife is important to maintain the balance of our ecosystem. If we ignore the importance of wildlife and causing harm to it on regular basis, there will be a reverse effect on us too. Important methods for conservation of wildlife in India: — Different types of wildlife conservation methods can be applied to protect the wildlife.

Some important methods for wildlife conservation in India are as follows: —. Conclusion to wildlife conservation essay: — Wildlife is an important part of mother earth. It is almost impossible to imagine the earth without the wildlife. So the beautiful wildlife needs to be protected from being destroyed. It plays an important role in maintaining a healthy ecological balance in the earth. It also provides stability to different processes of nature.

What is wildlife conservation — Wildlife Conservation is a well-planned way to protect the wild animal species and their habitats and plants. Every species in this world needs food, water, shelter and most importantly opportunities to reproduce. Habitat destruction by human activity is the primary threat to the species. Forests are the habitat for wildlife and for the smooth functioning of biological cycles of the earth; we must conserve forests along with Animal Species.

Today, protecting wildlife has become as one of the most important tasks for mankind, because, animals and plants are the major part of a wider natural environment that provides food, shelter, and water for other wildlife and people. Wildlife conservation is important for maintaining a healthy ecological balance among all the living creatures. Every living creature in this earth has a unique place in the food chain and thus, they contribute to the ecosystem in their own special way.

But sadly, for land development and firming many natural habitats of plants and animals are being destroyed by humans. Some other factors that contribute to wildlife extinction are like the hunting of animals for fur, jewelry, meat, and leathers etc. It is our responsibility to save the wildlife and our planet. Below are some of the reasons for wildlife conservation for students of class X and higher that will help you to understand the importance of wildlife conservation. In situ conservation — This type of conservation protects the imperil animal or plant on site in its natural habitat.

Ex situ conservation — Ex situ conservation of wildlife literally means off-site conservation of wild animals and plants by removing and relocating some part of a population to protected habitat. India has a wide variety of wild animals like Indochinese tigers, Asiatic Lions, Indochinese Leopards, various species of deer, the great Indian Rhinoceros and many more. But due to some factors like excessive poaching, illegal trading, loss of habitat, pollution etc, several animals and birds are standing on the border of destruction.

25+ Fabulous Ways to Protect Trees and Conserve Forests

Though the Government of India is taking steps to protect Wildlife, the integral heritage of India, every citizen of India must think it to be his duty to protect wildlife. Some of the steps taken by the Government of India towards Wildlife conservation in India are —. Conclusion of wildlife conservation essay —. The hunting and trading of animals need to be controlled by the government by imposing strict laws in order to succeed in Wildlife Conservation.

They are also great place for adventure and sports. In short, we need our forests and our forests need us! A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. The less you print, the less paper is used. Trees are cut down for paper. Therefore, the less you print, the fewer trees are cut down. In the long run this could really add up to a lot of saved trees. If you must print, print on both sides of the page.

This will cut down the paper consumption by half, which saves half the number of trees in a forest. In the same way that printing less causes less of a demand for paper, getting your bills through e-mail instead of a printed copy in the mail will decrease the demand for paper. If a product is not FSC Certified boycott it, as you will be supporting unsustainable deforestation by buying and funding these products. Bamboo is easily sustainable and grows to maturity within five years, a lot faster than trees.

They have exactly the same functions as well.

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Try to use bamboo paper as much as possible in order to lower the demand for paper produced by trees. Again, this creates less of a demand for paper. Digital books are also more convenient as you have an endless supply of books on a single device.

Forest Conservation

You can also read from a digital device in the dark, unlike with a book printed on paper. If you still prefer to read the real thing, borrow books from your local library. Most magazines offer the exact same content online if you sign up for a subscription with them. You will also receive the content immediately after it is released instead of waiting.

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If you need paper towels, buy tree-free or recycled paper towels instead of paper towels made from tree pulp. Paper diapers are a strain on the environment. Many communities have diaper service that will pick up dirty diapers and leave clean ones. Whether it be your children, friends, or colleagues.

kinun-houju.com/wp-content/nesucuquw/3347.php The more people are aware of what they can do to help prevent deforestation, the better. Regulations help to prevent deforestation because it allows for a time of re-growth due to the rotational approach most of these regulations have. This can also be referred to as sustained yield.

There are three different regulations that can be implemented:.